Bill Tyndale

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As a native Atlantan, Bill was fortunate to have always been surrounded by an abundance of some of the world’s most beautiful trees.  While building a fort or daydreaming in a roughly made tree house, Bill knew, even as a child, that lying within their trunks and branches were deep stories of years gone by.  Bill never ceased daydreaming.  Maybe it was the siren’s song of southern trees that brought him safely home from Vietnam and into a career with Bellsouth, raising two children and settling in Woodstock, Georgia, with his wife Cheryl.  However, the magic of trees discovered as a child, unfurled an artist’s heart in adulthood.  When Bill reconnected with wood it ignited a passion of creativity.  He sees each piece of wood as beautifully unique. Bill feels that the process of unlocking this beauty with a lathe as a tool is truly inspirational and rewarding.  In his own words, “there’s something magical about taking a dull, square lump of rough cut wood, and transforming it into something as functional as a door handle or as artistic as a gallery showpiece.”

One of his first pieces was a bowl he gave his sister-which immediately warped.  The “perfectionist” in him went crazy and he was desperate to fix it.  However, his sister refused to give it back, stating that it reminded her of imperfections in all of us and how it does not detract from its beauty or appreciation for the artists hands who created it.  She now has more “perfect” Bill Tyndale pieces, but treasures the imperfect one she will never replace.

Each piece of Bill’s pieces tells a story.  It may be a story of a sturdy oak branch supporting a child’s swing or the beauty of a dogwood blossom in spring.  Bill’s hands extract stories from trees and transform them into everlasting gifts to those who own a Bill Tyndale work of art.