Reeves, Wayne

Artist Bio


     Wayne Reeves, Jr. was born and raised in Marietta, Georgia. 

At an early age he developed an appreciation for wood while

walking around the heavily wooded old Marietta neighborhood

his family called home as well as exploring nearby Kennesaw

Mountain.  Subsequently, he took an interest in woodworking

projects around the house, thereby accumulating many tools. 

These included a wood lathe.  “The lathe has given me an

opportunity to gather wood, usually from an already fallen tree,

and bringing it to life again.  Wood considered to be useless or

undesirable by furniture craftsmen and others is often prized by

the wood turner. 


     From the beginning, Wayne decided to learn the craft on his

own rather than assimilating other styles by taking classes or

visiting expositions.  By limiting outside influence, his style has

progressed naturally and uniquely.  His focus has been to present

the wood in the simplest form, thereby allowing the wood’s own

characteristics to be emphasized. 


     Wayne resides in Marietta with his wife Melanie and their

three children.


Turned Wood

#105 Quilted Maple
Wayne Reeves Jr.f / #105 /
Quilted Maple- hollow form/ $180.00
138 Magnolia
Wayne Reeves Jr. / #138 /
Magnolia / $70.00

Wayne Reeves Jr. / #191 /

western maple / $180.00


Wayne Reeves Jr. / #151 /

maple / $100.00

Wayne Reeves Jr. / #294 /

walnut / $160.00


Wayne Reeves Jr. / #189 /


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