I.S.=Image Size             O.D.= Overall Dimension

Oil on Canvas    From:  Madonna X-Mas    $18,500

I.S. 20" x 16"  O.D. 22 1/2" x 18 1/2"


      A few years back, Clifford was working in the "Big Apple," where he painted the worlds largest billboard on the side of a building in the city and made friends with a lot of other artists trying to make it there.  Madonna had just come out with her book called SEX;  it had a metal cover and was... well, I'm sure you may have heard.  Clifford and bunch of his artist friends put together a show that opened right before Christmas entitled "Madonna X-mas" and you may imagine many were somewhat X-rated by most standards.  This was Cliffords entry, and soon after it was up someone from Disney tried to get it taken out of the show.  Claimed it was illegal, an insult to Mickey, the whole Disney organization, and even the rest of the country.   Their attorneys wrote "cease and desist" letters to Clifford and the gallery where the show was being held.  They wanted it removed and destroyed.  Well the ACLU jumped right in and said that the "fair use exemption clause" of the copyright laws made it just fine for an original painting to be done and even sold.  The painting just couldn't be reproduced and the reproductions sold.  So Clifford and the show got a lot of attention and someone from Disney was reported to have sworn and sulked, and probably even more. Anyway, we think it's just cute.  And this famous painting is at the gallery for sale.  Now of course it was the lump in Mickey's pants that got them going so hard.  Was that a pun?  And no one seems to know who the bow-tied guy with Madonna might be.  And who cares?